County Clerk implements award-winning program

The national Improvement through Efficiencies Award was recently presented to the Kentucky Department of Vehicle Regulation and the Office of Information Technology. This was for the implementation of Kentucky’s Print On Demand Decals (PODD) project that was adopted by the Knox County Clerk’s Office early last year.

PODD enables vehicle registration decals to be printed directly in-house at the time of renewal. One visible marker of the system change was the switch from yearly color coded to plain black and white vehicle registration decals.

The changes and savings that have occurred within the Knox County Clerk’s Office are numerous and well-received.

“Before, we had decal books. Now with PODD, it automatically prints off of a printer,” reported Knox County Clerk Mike Corey.

“It’s made the Clerk’s office more efficient,” said Corey.

The cost for the Clerk’s Office to buy and maintain a steady supply of said decal books is now nonexistent and there has been a reduction of paper use since PODD’s implementation. Now, all information goes directly into the database and only two copies of the registration are printed.

The real-time scanning of title and registration paperwork also decreased shipping costs. Corey said there was a large amount of mail leaving the office every day prior to PODD.

“The unique challenges of the project combined with the multitude of positive benefits for the stakeholders made this an extremely rewarding project for everyone involved,” concurred Heather Stout, Executive Director of the KYTC Office of Information Technology.