Courthouse Filings

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Mariam Brianna Harajli, 16,Dearborn, Michigan to Jesse James Robinson, 19, Lexington.

Deed Transfers:

Teri Lynn and Hubert L. Watson and Susan R. Dillow to Kenneth and Susan Garden, Knox Property.

Remonia Whitt to Edward J. Nemer-Kaiser, Laurel Property

Carolyn Moore to Scott Moore, Knox Property.

Patrica Ann Honeycutt to Martin Crawford and Jewell Sue Martin, Knox Property.

James Brandon and Erin Elizabeth Keck to James A. Hyde and Amanda M. Brandon, Knox Property.

Dillon and Lindsey Blevins to Brent Sowders, Knox Property.

Life Church Corbin Inc. (Word of Victory Bible Church) to Daniel Wallen, Knox Property.

Sears Investment Properties, LLC, to Stewart Miller, Knox Property.

Jewell and Harold Mcvey to Scott and Tammy Payne, Knox Property.

Harold Lee and Robert H. and Vivian Lee Mayne, and Angel Partin and James Todd and Paula Partin and Clara and Novel Bond and Sally Kinder and Harry and Opal Mays and Ester Raney to Scott and Tammy Payne, Knox Property.

Mary Sue and Amedeus Leano to Scott and Tammy Payne, Knox Property.

Kathleen Johnson to Scott and Tammy Payne, Knox Property.

Dewey Sam and America Wetzel to Scott and Tammy Payne, Knox Property.

Kevin and Toni Hurd to Scott and Tammy Payne, Knox Property.

Judy Mills to Barbara Mccuen, Knox Property.

Civil Suits:

Selene Finance LP vs Kathy Jones Mills, foreclosure.

Central Mortgage vs Jeff Sasser, foreclosure.

Ronnie B. Brown vs Deborah Lynn Brown, divorce.

Katrina Clayton-Smith vs. Billy Eugene Smith Jr., divorce.

Keith Duane Bowling vs Tiffany Lynn Moore, child custody.

Brooke Dozier vs Joe Smith, child custody.

Jonathan Isom vs Shannon Isom, divorce.

Tina Mills vs Keith Mills, divorce.

Vanderbilt vs Joshua Huff, non-payment.

Robert Smith vs Carolyn Bright, damages, non-payment.

Hannah Wallens vs Bradley Walters, divorce.

Antino Hart vs Jamie Deaton, damages.