Courthouse Filings

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Toni Lynn Terrell, 25, Barbourville to Christopher William Noel, 25, Cannon.

Nancy Faye Mills, 55, Barbourville to David Allen Browning, 62, Barbourville.

Litha Gambrel, 83, Flat Lick to Daw Brown, 67, Flat Lick.

Brittany Renea Brown, 21, Artemus to Joey Steven Baker, 22, Flat Lick.

Madison Rayne Fitzpatrick, 19, Craynor, to Brandon Dale Brown, 22, Gray.

Deed Transfers:

Vance Mills Trust (trustee Marie G. Mills) to Marie G. Mills, Knox property.

Marie G. Mills to Corbin Motels Inc., Laurel property.

Imogene Garland and Marilyn Mills and Ronnie Baker and Rebecca and Jeremy Gray and John D. Bargo and Ron McKinnly Garland and Daniel and Jessica McVey to Renus and Wanda Engle, Knox property.

Verna Warren to Kody Warren, Knox property.

Freddie R. Higgins and Virgina L. and Tim Blevins to Fred T. Higgins, Property.

Fred T. Higgins to Brenda G. Titran and Samantha Lynn Richards, Knox property.

Fred T. Higgins to Tammy L. Check and Brittany Gail Check and Madison Elizabeth Check and Steven Michael Check and Trevor Francis Check, Property.

Freddie T. Higgins to Freddie R. Higgins and Virginia L Blevins, Knox property.

Robert Gray and Cassie Marie Mills Gray to Jeffery W. Helton, Knox property.

Marie S. Davis and Michael C. Colyer, Sr. to Joe Dan Hembree, Knox property.

Brenda Kay Bargo to Paul Steven and Leslie J. Bargo, Knox property.

Betty L. Delph to Ted R. and Virginia Louise Jones, Knox property.

Thomas and Katherine Ward and Brenda Ward and Mary and Jeff Lanham and Gregory and Susan Payne to Jamie Grant Raines, Knox property.

Jerry Cox to Jerry Paul Cox, Knox property.

Larry Helton to James D. and Debra Kay Helton, Knox property.

REM LLC. to Herman Towe, Knox property.

Lawrence Carrol and Joan K. Presnell to Beulah Burton, Knox property.

James and Vedamudalige M. Rajakaruna Rubin, Knox property.

Jack and Wanda Moore to Becky and Josh Allen, Knox property.

Bobbie Cobb to Shannon Bunch, Knox property.

Teresa Darlene Wilson and Michael Bank to Eric Ray Bays, Knox property.

Ruth Ann Hamlin Administrator of Estate of Arthur Raymond Miles and Virginia Smith and Herman and Amy Perkins to James Franklin Miles Jr., Property.

Civil Suits:

Branch Banking & Trust vs Hardee Co. LLC and Deana C. Williams, foreclosure.

Steven Eldridge Nellie Davis,

Heather Wilson Moses vs Timothy James Moses, divorce.

Angela McDonald vs Swela Collins and Geico Insuance, damages.

Ester and RP Mills vs Victor A. Bingham, Shirley Bingham and Johnathan L. Brown, property damage and stop trespassing.

Michael Wayne Thomas vs Harry Taylor Sr. and wife Margaret and Glendell Presley and James Frank Taylor and Wanda Presley and Mary Haney and Harry E. Taylor Jr. and Donald Taylor and Deanna Thomas and Sarah Angie Disney and Tax Ease Lien and Apex Fund Service and Credit Acceptance Corpoeration and Knox County, Ky. (and any unknown spouses of these listed, if any), keep property intact and sell it intact to pay lien.