Courthouse Filings

Knox CourthouseWebMarriages:

Anita Elizabeth Isaacs, 39, Corbin to Rodney Keith Smith, 46, Corbin.

Deed Transfer:

Edwin Joe and Barbara White to Dianna B. Sapcut and Wendy L. Feldsher, Knox property.

Becky Garland and Jacob C. Carr III to Douglas W.Bingham, Knox property.

Robert L. and Nancy Mitchell to James Anthony Mitchell, Knox property.

Seth and Angela Troglen to James Troglen, Knox property.

Cassie and Randell Fox and Seth and Angela Troglen and Tyler Troglen, Knox property.

Barbara to Tamara Peavley and Jessica Carnes, Knox property.

Harold and Irene Smith and Venda Hughes and Pamela Bright and Arlie Smith and Don and Barbara Smith and Freda Mills and Reba and Hiram David Hensley and L.C. and Doris Smith to Colonel and Doris Jean Smith, Knox property.

Debrah Sue and Jamie Goodin and James Benjamin Browning and Richard Lee Browning and David Allen and Nancy Shield Browning and Janet Lee Browning and Ron Osborne to Richard S. and Stacy A. Browning, Knox property.

Jared and Dora Yoder to JMK Logistics LLC, Knox property.

Jerry Wayne Hensley to June Carol Carper, Knox property.

Lonnie Bruce to Tia Ann King, Knox property.

The Estates of William D. Wynn and Thelma H. Wynn and Revocable Trust of William D. Wynn and Thelma H. Wynn (ALL by and through William Michael Wynn) to Andrew and Stacy Modica, property.

Robert A. Dunaway DMD, PSC to DC Beverage LLC, Knox property.

John Knox and Jennifer Mills to MMLK, Inc (trustee) back to John Knox and Jennifer Mills, Knox property.

Steve Welty to Melissa Doll, property.

Paul and Vickie Mills to Melissa Doll, property.

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Patrick and Mallette Jordan, Knox property.

Rachel Michelle Carpenter to Ryan A. Curtis, Knox property.

Earl W. and Brenda Sue Jones to Jean Hager, Knox property.

Cindy McKee to Gary and Sharon Grant, Knox property.

Peggy Davis to Monroe James Davis, Knox property.

Peggy Davis to Lisa Michelle Branson and Heirs, Knox property.

Civil Suits:

Synchrony Bank vs Jerry Miller, non-payment.

Wanda Faye Jensen vs Gary Dean Jensen, divorce.

Cascade Capital LLC vs Steve Mullins, non-payment.

Bobbie J. Combs vs Brandon Combs, divorce.

Stephen C. and Katherine W. Smith and Samuel E. and Linda G. Davies vs Sharon Hope Creasey and Bruce R. Wilson and any unknown defendants, property dispute.

Golden and Joanie Taylor vs Edwin Burkhart, damages.

Mary Beth Hannah Wright vs Andrew Cecil Wright, divorce.