A special ‘welcome home’

After being gone for several months, one of the city’s best known senior citizens is back in town.

Barbourville resident Elizabeth Davies, who turned 103 years young on March 19, was the guest of honor Thursday morning at Thelma’s Restaurant, a place where Davies always went every day for lunch…that was until she suffered an injury late last year that required she temporarily go to Paducah to be near her son.  

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Mary Gwyn, Davies’ daughter, said her mother was happy when she learned that she was coming home. “When we told her she was coming back to Barbourville, her whole countenance changed. She was so happy,” Gwyn said.

Davies said that even though she enjoyed being with her family, she agrees that there is no place like home.

“You wouldn’t believe how big Kentucky is. I was in Paducah,” she said, adding that she arrived back home Wednesday night. “It is good to be back. There is nothing like Barbourville, and the mountains.”

Davies said she is also happy to be back among her longtime friends, such as Betty Hauser and Barbara Black, who accompany her on her daily lunch trips. “I missed all of them,” she said.

Her nephew Sam Davies said he feels that his aunt’s ability to stay active is a key to her unusually long life, adding that she especially enjoys getting out for lunch.

“This is her hang out,” he said.