Deed transfers as of Dec. 8, 2014

Alva and Wanda Howard and Rebecca Judd to Roberta Burdette, Knox property.

Michael Seth Reeves to Set Properties LLC, Knox property.

Virgil Lee Goodin to Keith Hensley, Knox property.

Russell and Angela Toothman to Teddy and Daniel Wade Smith, Knox property.

Margaret Kemner and Irma C. Gall DBA Lend A Center now acting as Lend A Hand Center Incorporated, Knox property.

Dennis Grubb and David Joshua Grubb and Ruth R. Grubb and Kenneth Ray Grubb  and Stanley and Barbara Ann Grubb to Jamie L. Grubb, Knox property.

Joanna F. Hamilton and Elizabeth and Robert Perkins to Thomas Lowe, Knox property.

Shirley Jean Clark to Glenna B Hampton and Charles Hampton, Knox property.

Jonathon and Shelley Cox to Mark A. Jastal, Knox property.

The Viola Dugger Family Limited Partnership to Kelly and Amy Simpson, Knox property.

Carolyn Lang and Troy D. Rice, Mary C. and Daniel Garland, Kathy and Randall Myers and Johnny and Myra Rice and Gary Rice and Boyd Steven Rice to Paul and Judy Gibson, Knox property.

Brenda and Ralph Thomas to Tommy and Wanda Mills, Knox property.

Alva and Wanda Howard to Rebecca Judd and Roberta Burdette, Knox property.

Artemus Volunteer Fire Department Inc. to Kenneth L, and Sarah K. Ramsey, Knox property.

Community Trust Bank Inc. to Glenn Bolton and Tim Bolton, Knox property.

Dominic L and Tasha Valentine to Sloan and Candi S. Crawford, Knox property.

Ron and Kristen Bowling to Brittany and Travis Mills, Knox property.

Bruce and Marilyn Roth to James and Della Perkins, Knox property.

Andrea Grubb to Whitney and Cory Smith, Knox property.

Myrtle Anderson to Teresa Williams, Lisa Coyle and Rhonda Clouse, Knox property.

Marsh Road Automotive LLC (and all members) to Angelo and Kathleen Orciuoli, Knox property.

Brandon K. and April Jenkins to Bobby T. Melissa Johnson, Knox property.

Cleveland and Cora Mae Mills to Dustin Cody Mills and Dylan Clint Mills and Tabitha Robin Smith. Knox property.