Delinquent tax deadline approaching

The deadline for paying delinquent taxes is quickly approaching for Knox County residents. County officials are urging anyone who is behind to contact the proper office to get back on track.

“We really want to encourage anyone who has not paid their taxes to do so,” said Knox County Attorney Gilbert Holland. “If those taxes are sold, the buyer is going to add extravagant fees onto that. We don’t want that to happen. They will not be sold if they have been paid or are in the process of working through payment plan.”

The county offers payment plans for those unable to make lump sum payments. Once a property owner is on a payment plan, they will be removed form the list of tax bills to be sold to bidders.

Holland explains that people have until Oct. 18 to set up a payment plan in order to ensure their property will not be sold.

The payments must be completed before the October sale date in order to be removed from the sale list. Because of the payment plan program, the number of tax bills sold has steadily decreased over the years.

The bills are scheduled for sale 10 a.m. Friday, Oct. 20. The names of delinquent taxpayers were posted in Sept. 14 issue of The Mountain Advocate, 30 days prior to the sale. There is also a website to check if your name is on the list of bills to be sold:

For questions, contact the Knox County Clerk’s Office at 546-3568. To set up a payment plan, contact the Knox County Attorney’s Office at 546-9600.