Deputies respond to possible kidnapping

Knox County Sheriff’s deputies recently responded to a call reporting a possible kidnapping in Corbin.

On February 12 at approximately 2:15 p.m., Knox County Deputies Claude Hudson and Sam Mullins received a 911 call involving a possible kidnapping and domestic complaint that occurred at the Tri-County Square Shopping Center in Corbin. The vehicle, a black Suzuki SUV, was observed leaving the parking lot with a female’s legs hanging out of the passenger side of the vehicle. The vehicle was reported to be traveling toward the Moore Hill area of Knox County.

Deputy Claude Hudson, who was answering a complaint on KY 6, immediately responded to the Moore Hill area where he found and stopped the SUV, which was occupied only by a male driver headed to work.

After interviewing the driver, Deputy Hudson learned the name and location of the alleged victim. Deputy Hudson traveled to the residence of the female involved in the incident and, after conducting an investigation, determined that a possible domestic altercation had occurred involving a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship and not a kidnapping.

The female refused to press any charges, even after being presented with domestic victims’ rights information. Deputy Hudson also completed a Domestic Abuse Standard Report (JC-3) and explained the EPO and warrant procedures to the victim.