Dress code in place at Knox Alternative

The dress code policy for Knox County Public Schools remains a controversial issue as at least one school has declared its intention to follow district rule.

In a letter to parents this week from Knox Alternative Programs Principal Jeremy King, until any changes in district policy can be made, his school will adhere to the dress code originally published in the district’s code book this year.

The letter slated a beginning date of Thursday, September 6 for enforcement of the district policy. According to the letter, school staff interpreted the policy as follows:

Leggings/yoga pants and the length of shirts or blouses worn by students. “It is our interpretation that a student’s shirt must be six inches from the inseam for High School students/mid thigh. We will simply use the length of the students arm as a measuring tool to determine if a shirt/blouse is too short. If it is not as long as the student’s arm at their side, it is too short. Loose fitting jogging pants are not considered leggings or yoga pants.”

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