Election filing deadline next week

The filing deadline for the 2018 election is just around the corner.

Persons seeking to run for any office listed on the May 22 primary ballot needs to file with Knox County Clerk Mike Corey by Tuesday, January 30 at 4 p.m.

Bi-partisan races such as school board, mayor, city council and others have until August to file as those races will only be listed on the November general election ballot.

Filing so far in Knox County:

State Representative 86th District:

Jim Stewart (R)*

Don Rose (R)

Debra Ferguson Payne (D)

County Clerk:

Mike Corey (R)*


Mike Smith (R)*

Dennis K. Rogers (D)

County Attorney:

Gilbert E. Holland (R)


Charles Sprinkles (R)

Mike Mitchell (R)

Property Valuation Administration:

Bill Oxendine (D)*


Keith “Buster” Liford (R)

Mary S. Hammons (R)*

Jerry Baker (R)

Bob Corey (R)


Mike Blevins (R)*

Sonny Hayes (R)

County Surveyor:

Richard M. Frederick (R)*

Magistrate Distict 1:

Roger Mills (R)

Billy Parks (R)

Sam Hamlin (R)

Gentry Gibson (R)

Jerry Smith (R)

Chris Wagers (R)

Richard “Birddog” Jones (R)

Magistrate District 2:

Billy Howard (R)

Steve Smith (R)

Curt Lawson (R)

Josh Trosper (R)

Stacey Roark (R)*

Brian Kilgore (R)

Larry Mills (R)

Magistrate District 3:

George Hamilton (D)

Tony Golden (D)

Danny Jordan (R)

Denny Leddington (R)

Jimmy Walters (R)

Magistrate District 4:

John Ferguson (D)

Jason Smith (R)

Mike Warfield (R)

David Gray (R)

Magistrate District 5:

Darryl Baker (R)

Herb Wells (R)

Jesse Jones (R)

David Valentine (R)

Constable District 1:

Larry Eagle (D)*

Constable District 2:

Reed Murphy (R)*

Willie B. Mills (R)

Constable District 3:

Mike Bingham (D)&

Larry Young (R)

Constable District 4:

Cecil Davenport (D)

Constable District 5:

Shawn Rogers (R)

Brandon Bolton (R)*

Knox County School Board District 2:

James E. Gray

Corbin City Commissioner

David Grigsby Hart*

Ed Tye*

Andrew Pennington*

Trent Knuckles*

Freddie Bruce Hodge

Corbin City Mayor:

Willard McBurney*

Shannon Hall

Suzie Razmus

* – Denotes incumbent candidates.