Election filings pouring in

The race for 2018 is starting to heat up as candidates are now able to file to run in the 2018 elections.

So far, as of Friday, November 17, several Republicans and a handful of Democrats had thrown their hats into the ring.


County Clerk

Mike Corey


Mike Smith

County Attorney

Gilbert E. Holland


Keith “Buster” LIford

Mary S. Hammons


Mike Blevins

Circuit Court Clerk

Greg Helton

Magistrate District 1

Roger Mills

Magistrate District 2

Billy Howard

Steve Smith

Curt Lawson

Josh Trosper

Magistrate District 3

Danny Jordan

Magistrate District 4

Jason lake

Magistrate District 5

Darryl Baker

Herb Wells

Constable District 2

Reed Murphy

Willie B. Mills

Constable District 5

Shawn Rogers

Brandon Bolton


Property Valuation Administrator

Bill Oxendine


Dennis K. Rogers

Magistrate District 3

George Hamilton

Constable District 3

Mike Bingham


Knox County School Board District 2

James E. Gray

The deadline to file for partisan races in the May primary election is Tuesday, January 30, 2018.