Escaped convict back behind bars

Harley David Smith
Harley David Smith

Harley David Smith’s flee from police came to an end when he was apprehended by the Dayton Police Department in Ohio.

In November 2015, Smith, 29, of Frankfort, was temporarily placed in the Knox County Detention Center as a jail trustee while waiting to be sentenced as a state inmate. Smith was found guilty of two counts of theft by unlawful taking, promoting contraband and trafficking in a controlled substance (methamphetamine). Smith fled from the correctional facility during evening meal preparation. He waited until a side door was opened to allow a deputy to enter the facility and ran past the guard toward the flood wall.

Smith had previously been convicted of second degree robbery and second degree burglary in 2012 and third degree assault in 2010.

Smith remained at large until the Dayton Police Department caught up with him Friday, Jan. 8. Smith was found with a female companion from Knox County. He was taken to Frankfort and later transported to Knox County. He is now in Clay County Detention Center. Authorities believe Smith traveled to Dayton because he has family members there.