Fall weather is bipolar

Fall weather is an interesting study. If you listen to the weather people on television or radio, they are always talking about the average temperature for a particular day. After watching many fall seasons come and go, the one thing you know is the bipolar weather. First there is a wide space between the morning temperature and the afternoon temperature. It is not unusual to experience a 30° plus difference. It can be in the 40’s in the early morning and in the 70’s later that same day. One reason for this is the clear skies—there are few clouds to keep the warmth of the day down so off they float, leaving the cold breezes to move in. You have probably noticed that we do not usually have such a large fluctuation on cloudy days and nights as the clouds act as a blanket keeping the weather stable.

Another interesting bit about the “average” temperature is that we seldom hit it. Remember from school math, you had to find the average of a series of numbers? Webster describes one of the meanings of average as the mean (or middle), about midway between two extremes. Sounds like fall weather doesn’t it? We have several days where the thermometer stays in the 60’s with a noticeable bite to the wind, no longer a cooling breeze. Then several days in the 80’s with a more than warm sun. The meteorologist often says November or August weather. So the middle point would be in the 70’s. We might actually hit the 70’s for a day or two as we are on our way up but seldom during the downward time. Maybe this is nature’s way of getting us ready for winter.

I love the blue of the blue sky in September and October. However, if I am not ready for the frost to hit my garden or flowers, then I look for, even wish for, a few more clouds as the sun goes down. I even look forward to foggy mornings.

Being an outdoor person, my indoor work such as paying bills, writing letters, keeping up on house keeping chores and even reading is hard for me to do on sunny, warm days. So I do look forward to some bad mornings that tend to keep me in and get indoor work done.

So it is time to set up fall displays, get plants in, check our heat supplies, think of Halloween and maybe even Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up soon. Maybe it is a time to write some letters, read a book and socialize a bit more with our neighbors. So enjoy the fall, it is here. The hills are declaring His handiwork.