‘Families soon saw we could help in many ways’

Lend-a-Hand Center had its beginnings back in 1958 with the idea of seeing opportunities to lend a hand. Since both Peggy and I were from the North, it was soon noted we not only had different speech patterns but ways of doing things, so many on Stinking Creek were a bit leery. So we were observed closely and probably the object of many conversations. But it was soon noted that Peggy was not only a skilled nurse but a certified nurse midwife and she was ready to come to any home at any time and be there for them.

We also quickly saw the need for transportation and became the forerunner of R-Tec. My school children and their families soon saw we could help in many ways. It is interesting how quickly one can become a part of the community when you have ways and are available to be helpful. This was also obvious in our work on the farm and with young people in 4-H and Sunday school projects.

There continues to be many opportunities to lend a hand in big and small ways. I just want to share a small happening that proves the point. I have introduced Melody to the Aldi grocery store in Corbin since it is near where Peggy is in the Health Center. Outside the store is a big line of grocery carts all chained up. To get a cart you have to put a quarter in the slot. That releases the cart for your use. I am sure the idea is to keep the carts there for everyone to use rather than finding them out in the parking lot. When you are finished with the cart you can take the cart back and as you hook it back up to the chain it pushes your quarter back out. So it really doesn’t cost anything.  However, Melody had become very fascinated by so many people willingly giving another person just arriving, their cart so they don’t have to get out their quarter. Usually they offer their quarter but usually the cart is just given without the exchange of money.

This is just a small opportunity but it is good to see how many people are willing to do this. Practicing small acts of kindness can give a warm feeling and maybe can help be ready to be available to be helpful in many ways. The opportunities to be thoughtful of those around us are legion if you want to see them.