Family looking for info on late mother

A family is looking for information about their late mother, who made her home in Barbourville from about 1974 until her death in 1988. Patty L. Dye was the wife of the late Paul E. Dye of Knox County.

Johnny Burns was the sixth of eight children, and recalls last seeing his mother in the summer of 1974. The family lived in a four-room house on Peabody Mountain in Campbell County, Tenn., not far from Jellico. “We had to get up and do chores, and she was one that didn’t wait for us boys to do it,” recalled Burns. “She would get up and milk the cows early… but this particular morning (we looked) everywhere and came up with nothing, so we had called our aunt to come up. We searched for a while and I remember they finally called the sheriff’s department, and then her mother and other relatives to see if she went there. We hunted the ponds and the area around us, and that turned up nothing. After that day, we never saw her again.”

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