Farmers’ Market founding members find success with market, food truck business

Scot and Monica Clouse have made shaved ice a staple for Barbourville and the Knox County Farmers’ Market. Almost every Thursday, you can find the brightly-colored trailer of Crave Gourmet Shaved Ice parked at the market.

“Everyone, young and old, love shaved ice, especially when it’s hot out,” said Monica. “We have 48 different flavors for shaved ice, including sugar-free flavors. We also have frozen drinks, general concessions like chips and candy bars, and occasionally we’ll cook and serve different food items.”

The Clouses have been a part of the Knox County Farmers’ Market since the beginning.

“We were founding members of the current Farmers’ Market,” said Monica. “Of course we want to see it succeed. Its a very social atmosphere and we enjoy hanging out with people.”

As Treasurer of the Knox County Farmers’ Market Board, Monica is passionate about the market and its success. So, she hopes that the success of Crave will be synonymous with the market.

“I think  we draw a different customer base that may not know that there is a farmers market and I think that theres lots of people in the community that still doesn’t know that we have a farmers’ market,” said Monica, “and I think that, not just us, but anything that will bring customers to the market is great. Because I think that once they get here and see it, then they really like it.”

Customers only have a few more chances left in the season to come out and shop at the Farmers’ Market. The 2017 season will come to an end Thursday, Sept. 28.

“We only have a few more weeks left of the season, so come out, we have a lot of fall items,” said Monica.