Father’s Day

Mildred Higgins Web

Father’s Day is a the day for sending cards and gifts to dads, grandpa’s and all the

important men “just like Dad” in our world…

This is a time to say thank you for all the guidance, love and support they give there

families throughout the year.

My dad died long ago and I miss him to this day…Dad remained somewhat of a

mystery to me in my early years.  He was outgoing to the public, however, he did not let

his family in on his deepest thoughts. I suppose men of his generation just didn’t. What

he gave to my brothers and me was his sense of values and the things he believed in. And

as I grew older he let me understand his reasons never directly expressed. I recall he had

a way of not giving us everything we wanted in the way of praise for accomplishments..

Many years later I began to understand the whys.  He reminded us there were greater

achievements ahead for more important things someday… I now know he never wanted

us to stop growing. Perhaps that is why my dad’s closeness to me came through his love

of reading and through his songs. We were all spell bound and felt the closest to dad

when he picked his guitar and sang Memories and other old-time favorites… This was

dads way of communicating his truest self to his children…..

Sometimes we cannot know simple truths until we are adults and memories of cherished

moments, rise like the steam from the cup of first morning coffee.

A few years before dad died I was able to let him know that I understood him and knew

his heart….I suppose each father finds his own way to his children…it remains a mystery

to me how hearts hear each other, but I believe they do and always will.

Millie’s thought for today; there’s no training manual for being a dad.  No hard fast rules,

no one sure way to be a perfect father. All any man can do is give it the best he has.