FINALLY FREE Man released after four years waiting for trial in murder case

Jonathan Taylor
Jonathan Taylor

An inmate who maintained his innocence for over four years has finally been released.

Jonathan Taylor, 28, of Barbourville, was one of three arrested in 2012 for the murder of Catherine Mills, 67, of Flat Lick, which took place in 2010.

However, unlike his two alleged accomplices, Commonwealth Attorney Jackie Steele sought the death penalty in Taylor’s case.

The case was issued continuances seven times, prolonging the trial date for more than four years.

“There was no physical evidence, no ‘eye witnesses’ and only statements from criminals and addicts who appeared years later,” said Joshua Powell, investigator with the Department of Public Advocacy. “It was since discovered that they all lied and were seeking help for their own criminal charges. Every witness the prosecutor had was in jail. Even the medical examiner listed the cause of death as not a homicide.”

After several witnesses retraced or changed their accounts, the Commonwealth issued a motion to dismiss Taylor’s case.

“Based on the changes in the testimony of the above witnesses and the unavailability of others,” said Steele, “the Commonwealth does not feel as though probable cause of guilt is present anymore.”

Taylor was finally released from custody Thursday, June 30. The two others involved in this case, William Lester and Amanda Hoskins remain out of custody, though they are still waiting for their cases to be dismissed.