Flat Lick rolls past Lay in boy’s basketball

No. 42 Flat Lick Elem. Boy's Basketball A team

In the Knox County Elementary School Boy’s Basketball League, the elementary school teams compete against a different school every week. This week, the Flat Lick Wildcats hosted two games against the Jesse D. Lay Elementary Trojans. The B (third and fourth grade) teams played first and the A (fifth and sixth grade) teams competed shortly after.

The Lay and Flat Lick B teams took the court first at 6. Flat Lick put points on the board quickly without giving the Trojans a chance to catch up. The halftime score was Flat Lick: 19 Lay: 7. Lay began to make a comeback and scored five more points in the third quarter, but then No. 21 for Flat Lick scored a three point shot just as the buzzer sounding to mark the end of the third quarter, making the score 28-12 Flat Lick. In the fourth quarter, Flat Lick only scored four more points and spent most of the quarter defending as Lay came out strong and scored eight more points against the Wildcats to make the final score Flat Lick: 32 Lay: 20.

After the conclusion of the B team game, everyone cleared the court for the teams’ big entrance. There are two doors on the
Lay 5th and 6th grade cheerleaders webfar end of the Flat Lick Elementary gymnasium. The Flat Lick Elementary Cheerleaders formed two lines outside of the door on the right side and the Lay Elementary Cheerleaders formed two lines outside of the door on the left side. With the lights turned out and colorful strobe lights flashing, the two teams ran through tunnels formed by their cheerleaders and out onto the court where they immediately began warming up.

The clock was then reset so the teams could play what they call a “fifth quarter.” This extra quarter gives some of the players who do not get as much time on the court during the first four quarters, their own time to shine. During this extra time, Lay got up early with four points scored by No. 22 and then two more points scored by No.1 to make the score 8-0 Lay. No. 22 for Lay then took two free throws and made the second to make it 9-0 Lay. Then, No. 32 for Flat Lick made a three pointer to make the final score Lay: 9 Flat Lick: 3.

No. 10 Lay Boy's Basketball A team webThe A teams took the court at 7 for the last game of the evening. No. 11 for Lay scored the first points of the game to make the score 2-0 Lay. The Trojans wasted no time in getting up early on the Wildcats. The halftime score was Lay: 29 Flat Lick: 14. With only two seconds left on the clock in the third quarter, No. 10 for Flat Lick dribbled down the court and scored a layup to make the score 37 to 23 Lay. At the start of the fourth quarter, No. 2 for Lay made a two point shot from the right side of the net to make the score 39 to 23 Lay. The two teams went back and forth scoring and with less than three minutes left, No. 23 for Lay shot and scored a three point shot, putting the score at 46 to 29 Lay. Then, No. 23 for Flat Lick took two free throws and them both to bring the Wildcats up 46 to 31. Lay came back and scored again, but then No. 24 for Flat Lick made a two point shot. Then, No. 22 for Lay dribbled down the court and scored a layup to make the 34 to 53 Lay. The Trojans made one final shot to make the final score of the game Lay: 55 Flat Lick: 34.

The Flat Lick and Jesse D. Lay Elementary Cheerleading Teams and Dance Teams performed throughout the evening. In between the A and B team games, the Flat Lick kindergarten through second grade dance team performed to a mash-up of Pop and Disney songs. After the fifth quarter, the Flat Lick third through sixth grade cheerleaders cheered for the crowd to get them pumped up for the Wildcats. The Lay Elementary and Flat Lick Elementary cheerleaders cheered throughout the A team game and brought the crowd to their feet with their backflips across the gym floor.

Flat Lick Elementary will play again Monday at G.R. Hampton Elementary and Jesse D. Elementary will play again at Girdler Elementary. The B team game will start at 6 and the A teams will start at 7.