‘For all things we hear and see Father in Heaven, we thank Thee’

On a clear day you can see forever, there is a warm touch of spring in the air as I climbed the ridge…. The evergreens were tipped with vivid green, and willows over hanging the streams were a whisper of green lace. Catherine Marshall

The greatest thing a human ever does in this world is to see something…to see clearly is poetry, prophecy and religion, all in one. John Ruskin

The month of May cast her magic spell as spring’s promise is finally fulfilled.  This month we will see with fresh eyes and a loving appreciative heart, as we savor everyday we encounter the Scared in ordinary. “Let all they joy be as the month of May” Frances Quarles

Behind the clouds: Billy Graham, “My home is on a mountain nearly four thousand feet high.  Many times we can see below us the clouds in the valley.  Some mornings we wake up to find that we are in lovely sunshine, but the valley below is covered with clouds.  At other times thunderstorms come up, and we can see the lightening flash and hear the thunder roar down below, while we are enjoying beautiful sunlight and clear skies above.

Many times I have sat on our rustic front porch and watched the clouds below.  I have thought of the clouds of discouragement and suffering that temporarily veil the sunlight of God’s love from us.  Many people live with a cloud hanging over their lives.  Some may be in hospital beds others are suffering discouragement and bereavement.  A heavy cloud hangs over them.

The Bible has a great deal to say about clouds, for they sometimes symbolize the spiritualForces, which obscure the face of God.  The Bible indicates that clouds are given to us for a purpose and that there is glory in the clouds and that every cloud has a silver lining. The Lord is a sun shield, the Lord will give grace and glory, no good thing will He withhold from those who walk upright.  Psalm 84:11

Who of us has not responded happily and eager to the warmth and brightness of sunlight? 

How it stirs us in spring after a long, drab, cold days of winter… Even animals and plants, trees and birds respond to its touch and turn themselves toward its life-giving ray.   

The entire world seems brighter and a better place to live when it is bathed in the beauty of sunlight.  Without it, life on the planet would end abruptly.  For those of us who are the children of God, we look up, lift up our hearts, and give thanks for so great a gift.  It is another demonstration of our Father’s care and provision for us His people. 

Millie’s thought for today:  for flowers that bloom about your feet, for tender grass, so fresh and sweet, for song of bird and hum of bee, for all things we hear and see Father in Heaven, we thank Thee.