Frazier celebrates 30 years as Radio Shack dealer

A local business landmark is celebrating 30 years this weekend in a big way.

When Bill Frazier, owner of B&B Electronics, also known as Radio Shack, purchased the Radio Shack franchise from Alvin Jordan in 1988, growth in technology could only be imagined through the likes of sci-fi novels and movies. Before the age of smartphones, tablets and even the internet, Frazier set about selling stereos, computers and other gadgets to the folks in Knox County.

Over the years, as technology evolved, Radio Shack, founded in 1921, continued to grow, offering everything from the latest in PC’s to cell phones. At the pinnacle of the corporation’s growth, a Radio Shack could be found across the country, and with several entities internationally. With all of Radio Shack’s success, the company faced financial distress in the early 2000’s as online competition and a failing U.S. economy forced the company into bankruptcy, seeing many of it’s 1000’s of stores in the United States closed. Currently, there are approximately 28 corporate stores and 428 independently-owned stores left. One of those stores is Barbourville’s store.

Frazier was able to purchase inventory from many of the surrounding stores that closed in recent years. The store, which has remained in the Union Plaza Shopping Center since opening, remains a local source of sound equipment, computer parts, security systems, toys and other electronic gadgets.

To celebrate his 30th anniversary owning Radio Shack, Frazier is hosting a 3-day celebration, Feb. 1-3, with an unprecedented 30% off sale of everything in his store. The decision for such a high discount, according to Frazier, was to give back to his customers and familiarize new generations with his business. “I’ve been supported by the community, it’s my 30th year, so why not a 30% sale,” said Frazier.

B&B Electronics remains a proud Radio Shack dealer, as well as a Steren Electronics Solutions dealer.