Get ready – New Ky. ‘Real ID’ coming

Knox Countians looking to get on an airplane will soon need a new driver’s license.

“A license is more than a pass to drive- it’s used widely for everything from making age-restricted purchases to signing a lease,” said Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Secretary Greg Thomas.

Starting in January, Kentucky will begin rolling out equipment to Circuit Clerks across the state. All counties will be able to process the new IDs by the end of March. For those who aren’t ready to renew, a new ID is not a requirement.

The new IDs, or REAL IDs as they are known nationally, will be the new standard of identification all over the US. The new form of identification will enable you to board an airplane or enter a federal facility such as a military base. Without the new identification card, you will be out of luck. To board an airplane with a standard ID, flyers will need an official US passport.

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