Goats with regal names

February and the middle of winter already. It is too early to be kidding, but that is what I have been busy doing. No kidding, but yes, kidding. Six of my nanny goats have definitely decided it is time. So, right now I have five nannies with eight babies. On Tuesday I took my Y Guys to the goat yard to see the little ones—and they are little because I have Pigmy goats. Their little ones weigh from three to five pounds, the size of a half grown kitten. Naturally, they are such cute little babies.

I took the kids (my Y Guys are eleven, nine, seven and four years old) down to see and play with the kids. It is fun to observe kids with kids or is it kids with kids. It is easy to understand why shepherds would call their children “kids.” They frolic around with little concern about their future, including the next moment future. They are not afraid of anything, especially if Mama is nearby where they can run and hide behind her skirts.So, not only does my farm include Jackie Kennedy, Rachel Jackson, Helen Taft, Mamie Eisenhower, Martha Washington and Mary Todd Lincoln (some of you may remember Mary Todd from last year), now it includes James and Dolly Madison, John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Louisa Adams, Lou Hoover, Ronnie Reagan and Zachary Taylor — such a barnyard of famous dignitaries. Jackie Kennedy is still waiting her turn to be add to that list. 

What fun!