Good deeds can come back like a boomerang

This February, 2016 I decided to try writing another book. As I looked around the Center and saw all the rocks and stonework, I got to thinking that they should easily outlive me. Then who would know the many stories behind the work? There are so many stories to tell.
One of the chapters is called Boomerang Rock. A boomerang is an Australian tool—a bent or angular throwing club which can be thrown as to return near the starting point. No, I did not carve a rock in such a manner although I have split and shaped lots of rocks.
In the true sense, we at Lend-A-Hand have not done things so they would return to us. We tried to live up to our name—to lend a hand without the purpose of having it return but rather be more like the ripples in the water when a pebble is thrown in.

However, over the years we have been pleasantly surprised, even astounded, as a word, a thought or a deed comes rebounding back. It seems like so many have done just that lately. One just such blessing has been with the people we interacted with. This has certainly been true of our work with church youth groups who came for a week’s retreat.

A notable one who has rebounded several times has been a group of twenty youth and leaders from a church at White Bear Lake near the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Just this week a couple who were leaders in one group who came in 1973 and 1974 came to visit and reminisce. What a joy to share with them. We have kept in touch all these years.
One of their high school youth is Karen Johnson. That name should ring a memory bell with a lot of you as she was a Knox County Home Health nurse for many years. She is now Peggy’s chief caregiver.
The Church Youth group from White Bear Lake was just one of many groups who came to Lend-A-Hand. Our first groups were from my home church in Indiana. Then in 1960 an energetic group from the Chicago area got us off to a good start. For many years in the 1970’s through the early 2000 years we had a group every other week all summer. We did a lot of community work repairing homes in the area. It was usually a good experience for the youth group, for the family whose house was repaired and for us at the Center. Thus we have friends in a larger area.
These happenings are examples of both the ripple in the pond and the boomerang.