GR Hampton honors a lost classmate

By David Stewart
GR Hampton’s First Priority decided that one of their first priorities in remembering Cameron Mullis would be to write him a note. They would then attach it to a balloon and send it heavenward. The idea was approved and the word began to spread around the school. On the morning of the launch, bus driver Steve Mills used his bus to go to the IGA with some teachers. When they returned to the school, the bus did not deliver children. It was crammed full of almost 200 helium filled balloons. The balloons were golden, blue and red, golden to raise awareness of childhood cancer and GR’s school colors of blue and red. (Rumors of a floating bus are being passed around town.)

After the notes were written and attached, the children marched out of the school single file with a single balloon. They gathered in front of the school where signs were displayed and students spoke. The messages all kept to a single line of thought: Cameroon is now healed and healthy, he is now in heaven having such a good time, that he wouldn’t come back here if could.
Cameron’s favorite Bible verses were read and his brother Connor said, “If my brother were here today, he would appreciate all of you being here. My message is short. I just told him I love him. Oh, and I know he will use these balloons to throw a big party in heaven.”
At the end of the ceremony, nearly 200 balloons filled the sky. It was very colorful and awe inspiring.