Happy Easter!

Growing up as a child I am totally sure I did not understand the meaning of Easter but I am totally sure I knew when Easter had arrived. I am sure there were sales that promoted the season and the event but nothing like what is experienced today in the retail industry. How I knew it was Easter was that my brother and I would be dressed exactly alike in clothing and if my sister wasn’t careful she would have some of the colors we were wearing in her clothes. This type of preparation and clothing was necessary because if you intended on going to church on Easter Sunday you better be looking good, your clothing should not be wrinkled and if like me when I was a child, I had a haircut from your mother.

Looking back at the old photos from childhood at Easter brings back a flood of memories from a day an time that has long past. I am thinking about heading up a national campaign to get parents to return to the dress code of the 1950, 60, and 70’s. I think kids dressed alike with all the bright colors of springs will be a perfect tradition to pass on to the next generation. Of course getting dressed up for Easter has nothing to do with the real meaning of Easter just as eating a peanut butter chocolate eggs has no relationship either. A bunny hopping through the woods, hunting for eggs, looking to win a prize are all traditions that some hold as the meaning of Easter. The real meaning of Easter is about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ as the Savior of the World.

For an Easter experience in 2015 there are no special clothing requirements or traditions from the decades past that must be followed or even remembered for that fact. Jesus Christ is the only son of the creator of the world…God. The Bible says that God so loved each of us that He gave as a sacrifice Jesus. In today’s society there is one thing the world needs and it is love. Hate is a horrible word that is often seen verbally in the actions of people. In small towns and large cities the problem of selfishness, greed and envy surround us. In our families and within our circle of friends and co-workers we know personally individuals who are struggling with many issues, some issues, maybe many or all of their decisions have been wrought on by poor their decisions and choices. The worst of decisions and choices is the one involving rejecting the love that is offered freely by Jesus Christ.

Maybe some would want to write or suggest that becoming addicted to drugs, filing for a divorce, losing employment due to lack of performance is horrible and the worse experience possibly. Others might suggest that someone whose personal actions cost the life of another human being is an example of the worse of personal decisions that impact others and is horrible. These experiences are all based around selfishness, greed and envy. I do not know a single person that want to grow up addicted to drugs. Couples do not come together to unite in marriage planning on filing for a divorce. Individuals should follow their passions for employment and career decisions but even in job settings things can go array because we lose focus by the distractions of life.

Among all of this in life I stand firmly convinced what the world needs is love! The evidence of love that is desperately needed is best demonstrated by the action of forgiveness. The most difficult person you will ever forgive will not be your neighbor but it I suggest it will be you. Forgiving ourselves for failures and shortfalls is the most difficult task we will ever embark upon.

Jesus Christ died on the cross to dress us up for not only Easter but for everyday. Now do go imagining matching suits for you and Jesus because when Jesus died on the cross by the shedding of His blood He clothed us in a new wardrobe. Our new outwear is called ‘righteousness’. Righteousness is the action of going from wrong to right. If it pleases you from bad to good, although those words in Christian conversation can easily lead to misunderstandings. Easter 2015 is the perfect time for you to receive your answer….love.

Until the