Health Coalition receives grant funding

The Knox County Health Coalition announced some good news at the Tuesday, Aug.22 meeting.

In June, the Coalition decided to take on a project and install hydration stations in two schools within the county.

Tammy Sutton, Chairman of the Health Coalition and Health Educator at the Knox County Health Department, wrote submitted a proposal for a Community Health Action Team (CHAT) grant for the project. 73 health departments applied for the CHAT Grant but only 20 were chosen. During Tuesday’s meeting, Sutton announced that Knox County was one of the 20 selected.

The grant will fund hydration stations at Knox Central High School and one at Barbourville Independent Schools, as well as six filters, three for each school. Students will be able to refill reusable water bottles for free, promoting both a healthier option over than soda and juice, and cutting down on waste of plastic bottles.

“As far as we know, we should get two at Knox Central and one at Barbourville City,” said Sutton, “but we need to wait on final budget approval on that.”

Superintendents from both school districts have signed letters of support for the project.

“With that, there’s going to be some education,” said Sutton. “We want to talk about healthy drinks and the benefits of staying hydrated. We are also going to try to get everyone a reusable bottle that they can refill and hopefully we can do some education on recycling.”