Health Department offers helping ‘HANDS’

Pregnancy and parenthood can both be overwhelming, especially to new parents. Thankfully, helping ‘HANDS’ can be found all throughout the community.

Offered through the Knox County Health Department, HANDS (Healthy Access Nurturing Development Services) is a free, voluntary home visitation program for families starting in pregnancy. It continues into the baby’s early years of life, up to three years of age.

HANDS does what?

Families enrolled in the program engage in fun activities to learn more about healthy pregnancy, caring for and bonding with their baby, how to provide at-home learning experiences and how to create safe and healthy home environments.

“We feel like in the home, [parents] reach out to us more. We get in their environment so they talk to us more,” said Christie McDonald, HANDS Supervisor. “Our goal in the HANDS program is having a healthy pregnancy and [teaching parents how to] care for the baby and how to bond with the baby.”

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