Health Dept. offers up services

If you or someone in your family need cost-effective healthcare, look no further than the Knox County Health Department (KCHD).

KCHD has served the community since 1929, committed to the care and improvement of human life. Now located in the “new” building behind Barbourville ARH Hospital for a decade, KCHD has expanded services, many which the public does not know about.

“We do a lot of things that the public doesn’t see,” confirmed KCHD Public Health Director Rebecca Rains.

Among these behind the scenes services are home health, WIC, environmental programs, grief and bereavement counseling, HANDS program, immunizations, family planning, syringe exchange, Well Child exams and women’s cancer screenings.

Though it is not a primary care facility, KCHD works with local doctor’s offices to make sure records are kept up-to-date and referrals are made. On average, KCHD sees between 600 and 700 patients in the clinic. Currently, WIC is the most popular service among that group.

“On any given day, probably 90 percent of our patients are coming here for WIC,” continued Rains. “After WIC, it would probably be immunizations.”

County officials are in agreeance that KCHD is one of Knox County’s most underutilized resources.

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