Health Fair coming to Knox County

“I would like to see a county-wide health care,” said Robin Jones, Family Resource and Youth Service Center Coordinator of Barbourville City Schools, a comment that sparked conversation at the Knox County Health Coalition’s November meeting.

After reminiscing of past health fairs, the time came to make the decision.

“The sooner you get on the books with a confirmation, the better your chances are for sponsorship,” advised Mary Beth Lacy, Outreach Coordinator for Coventry Cares of Kentucky.

The motion passed and planning began. As of now, the health fair will focus on preventative care. Talk of mobile dentists, flu shots, and mobile mammogram providers arose from the group. 

Brenda Moses, Claudia Greenwood, Robin Jones, Tammy Sutton and Mary Beth Lacy formed the planning committee.

“We will discuss and set the exact date of the fair at a later meeting,” said Russell Jones, Vice Chair of the Heath Coalition.

Other topics covered at the November meeting were:

• The Knox County Heath Department have received 350 responses to the 2015 Health Survey.

• There will not be a December meeting for the Knox County Health Coalition. The next meeting is scheduled for Jan. 26.

• The Wet/Dry vote for the city of Barbourville is scheduled for Dec. 29.