Hey Frankfort, where is our jail?

by Jay Nolan


Nothing is being done, at least not in Knox County, to get started on our desperately needed new jail. Why not?

Well it seems bureaucrats in Frankfort are now holding the entire system – and at least three county jails – hostage!

Our state legislature voted. The Governor approved their bill. Then Knox, Oldham, and Rowan counties followed the law, went through the process, and applied to get approval for a new jail. After traveling to Frankfort and pleading their case, each of the three was approved.

According to the rules in effect at the time, the Department of Corrections (DOC) is supposed to pay the Architect and Engineering cost for the new jails. However, they argue that despite what the legislature and governor have signed into law, because no money was added to their budget specifically for that, the DOC says they cannot pay.

So, Knox and the other counties are, ”Between a rock and a hard place,” according to Deputy Judge Executive Jim Tye. While approved to have their plans drawn up, they have nothing in writing from DOC agreeing to pay the cost.

To me, this business of Frankfort giving money with one hand, and denying it with the other is nonsense. It makes a mockery of our legislature, our governor and the entire budgeting and approval process. Frankfort approved Knox County’s jail, and two others. I think Frankfort should pay up.

What do you think?