High school student arrested for burglary

A Lynn Camp High School senior is now behind bars. He is charged with a series of burglaries at both Lynn Camp High School and West Knox Elementary School. The burglaries occurred from Friday, Oct. 30, through Monday Nov. 2.

Officials say two iPads, valued at over $900, were recovered, but damaged beyond repair. They also report that between the two schools, over $1,000 in cash had been stolen. The cash has not been recovered.

Knox County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Shawn Messer, 18, a senior at Lynn Camp High School. Messer was apprehended on Nov. 2 and originally charged with two counts of 3rd degree burglary and one count of criminal mischief. However, as a result of the investigation, an additional charge of 3rd degree burglary could be added.

Messer housed at the Knox County Detention Center.

At this time the Knox County Board of Education has not taken any official action as a result of the burglaries. The school district is waiting to see the outcome of the judge’s decision in the case. Because Messer is a student at the school, any and all other information is considered confidential. 

Messer appeared in District Court Tuesday. Judge Skip Hammons ordered bail be set at $10,000 with a third party surety. Messer must also pay restitution of about $2,000 through the county clerk’s office to the Knox County Board of Education. Messer posted his bail and paid $250 of the restitution the same day.

Messer told the judge he plans to go to Muhlenberg County to live with his mother.

“It’s a long drive,” said Judge Hammons. “Make sure you’re back here and that you’re going to school over there.”

If convicted of all the charges, Messer could face a maximum sentence of up to 15 years in jail.