Hospital lawsuit settlement sought

Attorneys for the former Knox County Hospital and CSS Health Technologies, Inc., are looking to settle.

The Knox Hospital Corporation originally filed a lawsuit against CSS on Aug. 7, 2015, when a glitch kept the hospital’s billing system from billing 12,000 procedures, an error that could have cost the hospital $200,000.

When CSS threatened to terminate the hospital’s software license, the hospital filed a restraining order with the Knox County Circuit Court.

CSS then filed a removal of the case from Knox Circuit Court to U.S. District Court on Sept. 2, 2015.

In an effort to settle the case out of court Gillard B. Johnson III and Joyce A. Merritt, attorneys for the hospital, and CSS attorneys Harlan E. Judd III and Winter R. Huff held a telephone conference call on Jan. 25 with U.S. Magistrate Judge Hanly A. Ingram to request a court-conducted settlement conference.

According to the civil minutes of the conference call, the attorneys requested Judge Reeves serve as mediator in an effort to reach a settlement in the case. However, the court explained, as stated in Judge Reeve’s scheduling order, the parties would need to employ a private mediator.

The lawyers advised the court the case is proceeding in accordance with the set schedule and the final pre-trial is set for Sept. 24. The case is scheduled to go to trial Oct. 11 in U.S. District Court in London.