‘If you are not a little scared, you are going to get hurt.’

From the Publisher Jay Nolan
From the Publisher
Jay Nolan

Police officers have been in the news a lot lately. After Barbourville Police Chief Winston Tye spoke at the Knox UNITE meeting on Tuesday, he took questions. One of the questions was, given all the police killings across the nation recently, how does that effect our local police department? 

His answer was very interesting to me. It blended experience, wisdom, and sound training. He said, “If you are not a little scared, you are going to get hurt.”

His response not only impressed me, it reminded me of just how dangerous the job of our law enforcement officers is today.  I would guess most of us go to work without any intention of being scared, at least not as a routine part of our job. 

So, I want to again publicly thank Chief Tye, Sheriff Smith, and all the dedicated law enforcement officers in their departments who risk so much to serve and protect us.  They, along with our Kentucky State Police, help make our streets safer.

I also want to salute some of our local businesses, churches and school groups who recently went the extra mile to support and recognize our first responders. So many different companies, groups and individuals have provided food, cookies, or free meals to our local law enforcement personnel recently that Chief Tye joked, “I had my officers on a diet, but that’s shot now!”

And a special thanks to Claudia Greenwood, Brendia Moses, Dwight Davis, Marsha Dixion, Rev. Leonard Lester, and all the many other members of Knox County’s operation UNITE. This group donates so much time and effort.  The work they do and the special funding they provide the police help keep our local streets more drug-free and safe. I think that is a wonderful thing. What do you think?