Inmate expels pill bottle hidden in anus

Photos submitted The drugs and cash recovered from Fields.
Photos submitted
The drugs and cash recovered from Fields.

An inmate at the Knox County Detention Center had promoting contraband added to his list of charges when a bottle of pills allegedly fell down his pants leg and onto the jail floor.

Marshall Fields, Jr. 48, of Bimble was arrested around 1:30 a.m. Monday at Messer’s Market on US 25E for public intoxication. While Fields was being arrested, he removed two controlled substance pills from his pocket and threw them across the hood of Sheriff’s Deputy Mikey Ashurst’s cruiser.

Once he was processed at the Knox County Detention Center, Fields was dressed in Knox County Detention Center inmate clothing. Then, while moving about inside the facility, a pill container was observed by jail staff falling out of his pants leg onto the floor. The container smelled of human feces and contained over 40 assorted units of controlled substances.

Marshall Fields Jr.
Marshall Fields Jr.

A detention center official reported Fields was, in fact, given a strip search by jail staff; however, inmate cavity searches are performed only by a certified nurse or medical staff, and then only if something is noticed protruding during a strip search. Strip searches are warranted by a drug related arrest, but an immediate body cavity search is only warranted if police say the suspect tried to hide something.

Fields was charged with Public Intoxication, Prescription Controlled Substance not in Original Container, Possession of Controlled Substance 2nd and 3rd Degrees, Trafficking in a Controlled Substance and Promoting Contraband 1st Degree.

Deputy Ashurst also arrested Gwen Carnes Collins age 58 of Flat Lick, charging her with Public Intoxication and Trafficking Controlled Substance 3rd Degree after several Valium and Hydrocodone pills were found on her person along with over $860 in cash. She, too, was lodged in the Knox County Detention Center.