Inmate graduates with GED

A small graduation ceremony was held September 13 for Tevan Moffit, a Knox County Detention Center inmate who received his GED while incarcerated. Moffit, clothed in a cap and gown, was surrounded by Jailer Mary Hammons and GED instructors Sheila Barnard and Wendi Mills as he held his GED on Thursday.

“It means a lot. It really does. I can further my education now that I have my GED,” reflected Moffit, who said he is lucky to have such a strong support system. “Not everyone receives that kind of help every day. I really appreciate it a lot.”

Moffit is the first at the detention center to receive his GED this year. Most notable about his GED experience is how quickly he went through the entire process. Like others who take the GED, Moffit had to take and pass four subject area tests: science, social studies, language arts and math.

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