Inmate misses hometown

Hello, just wanted to let you know I’ve been a loyal subscriber of your paper for years. I’m currently in a federal prison away from Kentucky. I was raised in Brown’s Branch. When I get the paper here, a lot of people from big areas say, “Man, that’s a small paper.”
I say, “Can you say you know where all of these places are?” I can even look at the arrests an say I know fifty percent of the people arrested. I say this is my town. You guys have all those great officials there. like Mike Corey, Gilbert Holland, and Bill Oxydine. Great people that go out of their way to do their job.

I loved those columns you used to print, like back when 25, 50, 100 years ago, and the ones where you do a story on a really old photo somewhere in the Knox county area. I always wished you would do one on Brown’s Branch or “Brown’s Hollow” (as most people know it). I just want to say I’m proud of my state, proud of my county, and I miss it more and more everyday. I made some mistakes late in life and I’ve paid for them to my county. I’m sorry and I ask for a second chance to live there and be a positive role model for our future generations. I love your paper, it’s the highlight of my week.
Jimmy Brown