‘It is a time to remember those who have gone before us’

Somehow we all hope for nice weather on Memorial Day so we can fill it with picnics, walks, family times, parades and the beginning of summer. It was a typical summer day with hot weather and plenty of humidity which could quickly form a rain shower and even a storm. It is a time to remember those who have gone before us and made our lives possible. It is also a time for us to make memories for those who are living today because fifty years from now we might be the one that is the object of memories.

I remember my mother’s mother, my grandmother, who was born in 1879 as she came out of her garden in early fall with a watermelon “basket” in her upturned heavy apron for us to eat. Of course, I also remember her sugar cookies that she seemed to always have ready for her grandchildren. It seems that grandmothers are often known for their ever-ready supply of homemade cookies. I remember my father’s mother, my grandmother, for her beautiful flowers at the edge of her garden. I realize now that they were not aware of trying to make memories; they were just living their lives. So it is with us also; our lives can and do make impressions on the children and people around us. Since both of my grandparents lived and worked at home on the farm, their very lives played an important part in our lives. They did not have to think up ways to make memories.

I spent the first part of May with my Indiana family celebrating my sister’s memorial time with her offspring. There I heard many testimonies from her forty-plus grandchildren and great grandchildren of memories of their grandmother. They had on display many of the baby quilts that she had made for each child with pertinent names and dates on the back. They also had a loaf of homemade bread at the memorial service because she made special bread for each on their birthday. I marveled that she kept it all straight. She did have to keep record because some months she had to bake as many as ten loaves. No, she did not make cookies nor a cake but her specialty was homemade bread.

I admit that Memorial Day 2018 was a bit different for me because of my sister’s life and death. It also made me think of what I have done that people will remember. Was or is my daily living making memories? Is your life making good memories on those you touch?