It’s all about the food with kindergartners!

Regina Bargo  Tales from the Classroom
Regina Bargo
Tales from the Classroom

With Kindergarteners, it’s all about food! We were discussing what foods we would eat at the Daniel Boone Festival this week when one little girl exclaimed, “You know what Mrs. Bargo?” I said, “No, what?” She said, “My daddy is thinking seriously about quitting to make tacos. He’s more of a burger man!” She went on to enlighten the class, “Boys are nasty! My brothers and my daddy all ate a bug!” When she had everyone’s full attention, she got a little embarrassed with the ooohs and ahhhs. So, she continued, “If I ever ate a bug… I would puke!”

I have a mirror in my classroom so the students can check their faces for cleanliness and of course their hats, bracelets, and necklaces they make during work stations. This week I was taking attendance while the students were doing their morning work. I looked around, and one little boy was looking in the mirror from his seat. I quietly watched as he tried out different expressions. I nearly burst out laughing when he dropped his lip and pretended to be ready to cry…especially since he had just previously had a big giggly grin on his face. He caught me looking, so I pretended to think he was really sad! I said, “Did someone hurt your feelings or did you have a difficult morning at home?” He just sat there with puppy dog eyes. I said, “I bet a piece of candy after lunch would make you feel better wouldn’t it?” He quickly popped out a grin and nodded his head, “Yes!”

A couple years back, I had a parent come in for Open House. She was prepared for the worst. She asked, “Well, has John been getting into trouble here at school?” I genuinely thought she was joking. I said, “No, that boy couldn’t be mean if he wanted to be!” She looked at her husband. Then, she looked back at me with a puzzled expression. “Really? You’ve not had any trouble with him?” I said, “Not at all… why do you ask?” The mother went on to tell me that none of her family would babysit. The final straw was when he stayed with the aunt and got paint all over the walls, all over the furniture, and all over their computer. I’m not gonna lie. At that moment a streak of terror pierced through my entire body. I said, “Ma’am, please don’t tell your son that I know this information! If he thinks I know it, my bluff will be gone!”  Luckily, the mother must have kept her word because the boy was perfect for me the rest of the school year. This story came to my mind recently when I had a parent ask me if her little girl ever threw up at school. When I told her no, she was shocked… happy but shocked. I asked her why and she told me that her little girl would often cause herself to throw up at home in order to get her way. Of course, my next statement was, “Don’t let her know that I know!”