Jailer candidate withdraws from race, cites health

Just four days after candidates drew for their ballot position for the May 22, 2018 Primary Election, Keith “Buster” Liford, republican candidate for Jailer, announced he is withdrawing from the race.

Liford released a Facebook statement on February 5 declaring he will no longer seek the office of Jailer due to complications from injuries he sustained during last summer’s police-involved shooting.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances with my previous injuries and dealing with that, I feel that it not the right time to run for office as I have been in much prayer about this. My family and I would like to thank each and every one of you for your support,” said Liford.

Liford officially withdrew his candidacy at the courthouse on February 6 and his name will not appear on the ballot. Other candidates who wish to withdraw from the race will have until Ballot Certification Day on February 12 to remove their names from the Primary Election ballot. After that point, candidates can still withdraw but their names will appear on the ballot.

Clerk Mike Corey reminded the candidates that with the new voting machines, a number will not actually show up by their name on the primary ballot. Instead, candidates were drawing for their position on the ballot.

“With this new machine, there’s no numbers on the ballot, period. Folks have to find your name. It doesn’t matter where you’re at,” said Corey.

The ballot positions can be found online at www.mountainadvocate.com.