Jailer gets nod from Judge Executive for work-release program

All five Knox County magistrates; Carson Gilbert, 1st district, Keith Abner, 2nd district, Jerry (Rabbit) Cox, 3rd district, Pat McDonald, 4th district, and Julio Cima, 5th district, joined Judge Executive J.M. Hall at Wednesday’s Knox County Fiscal Court meeting.

After officially opening the meeting, Judge Hall opened the floor to the general public. Boone Heights resident Sharon Lounder addressed 3rd District Magistrate Jerry Cox. Apparently, the county had come in and cleaned out dirt at the edge of her yard in order to establish drainage. Lounder’s complaint was that the dirt left behind during the county’s work had never been cleaned up, and she spent a total of $1,050 to clean up her hard. She is now requesting an exception to paying penalties on her property tax.

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Judge Hall assured Lounder that he will personally meet the county attorney in seeking a resolution to her problem.

Knox resident Jack Irvin queried the court about a permanent residence for the Knox County Farmers’ Market. He suggested bringing the market on to the courthouse square and incorporating Daniel Boone Festival vendors and crafters.

Judge Hall agreed to pass on Irvin’s suggestion to the Tourism Board.

A motion was made to approve the County Attorney Delinquent Tax Report. County Attorney Gilbert Holland reported this year’s amnesty payment program is working well; however, the delinquent payments must be made by Friday, Sept. 19. He reported to the court that $113,899.21 has been collected as of June 2014. A reminder notice will be placed in the Mountain Advocate beginning Aug. 7.

The court approved the hiring of county part-time employees Kasey Gray (as of June 26) and Raymond Fuson (as of July 4), as 9-11 dispatchers. Jared Hinkle was also approved as part-time deputy jailer (as of July 3).

The court accepted a magistrate’s poll vote on distribution of funds for House Bill 235, Resolution #20140709-01 Coal Severance Line-Item Projects Resolution.

Final allocations have been made in the amounts of: Fiscal Year 2015, $265,000; Fiscal Year 2016, $210,000.

Actual county-wide distribution amounts are attached at the bottom of this story.

Judge Hall took a break from the agenda to recognize the quick action and care of her inmates taken by Knox County Jailer Mary Hammonds (who was in attendance) when the air conditioning at the jail suddenly quit the day before. She and her staff had the air conditioning back up within 24 hours.

He also complimented her on having one of the best work-release programs in the area. Jailer Hammonds told those in attendance that a work-release inmate would receive one day off his sentence in exchange for three days working. In addition, inmates in for flagrant child support would be allowed two days of sentencing for every one day in the work-release program.

Fifth District Magistrate Julio Cima asked the jailer about the possibility of using inmates for county road projects. She told him there were conditions that had to be met first. The inmates must be healthy and incarcerated on misdemeanor charges. Also, they are only allowed to weed-eat and pick up trash.

The 2014 Waste Management Program for tire amnesty will be Thursday through Saturday, Sept. 4-6, at the State Highway Garage by Hampton Funeral Home. Three years ago 38,000 tires were turned in. Tires will be accepted with or without rims. The only exception is that no retailers or tires from salvage yards will be accepted.

The board approved Resolution #20140723-01, an agreement between the Knox Fiscal Court, the Transportation Cabinet and the Department of Rural and Municipal Aid for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2014, accepting $325,000 in discretionary funds. Judge Hall reported the court originally requested $326,000. The court also unanimously approved:

• Sheriff’s 2nd quarter report

• Acknowledgment of the Extension Service budget

• Sheriff’s 2013 Local Tax Settlement

• Clerk’s 2014 2nd quarter report

• Treasurer’s 4th quarterly report

• 2013-2014 Fiscal Court year-end report

• Budget transfers

• Treasurer’s report

• Interfund transfers

• Claims report

Knox County Coal Severance Allocations FY 2015-16

Knox County Coal Severance Allocations FY 2014-15