‘Jesus Christ offers faith, hope and love’

At the end of each year during our thinking time around New Years Eve, many folks begin to think about resolutions.  There are from time to time resolutions, or commitments we make, that require no action until spring time.   This type of New Year resolution might be one that takes you back to your childhood.  For example the commitment to plant a garden.   Year after year some folks make no though about a garden because they already know they are going to raise their own vegetables, they have been planting in the same field, location or spot in their back yard for years.   

A matter of fact, if we didn’t see the ground turned or folks tending to the ‘usual’ we would be asking the question and wondering if they were going to raise a garden this year.   While this annual rite of family tradition is a given for some, others might have  decided to go back to their childhood memories and do some planting and venture out into the world of gardening and farming.

If you have never planted a garden or raised your own vegetables the task can be challenging.   Just consider the options for planting corn.   Frying up a mess of fresh corn sounds easy but getting corn to the dinner table is not that easy, unless of course you are just buying a dozen ears from your local grocery or road side stand.  The challenge of getting fried corn, corn pudding, corn casserole, corn risotto, corn on the cob, corn salsa, corn salad, or even corn chowder to the table requires growers to first figure out what type of corn to plant.  Your options include: Silver Queen; Peaces & Cream; Bubble Gum; Cotton Candy; Kandy Korn; Jubilee; just to mention a few.   Lots of options and choices.  All this thinking makes you want to just say yellow or white corn, because all the options can be overwhelming.

Making a decision about faith can be challenging too.  Challenging because there are many options for folks to select from.  You don’t have to place your trust and faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord.  You can live life anyway you want to, but without surveying the options which include Him, life will always require us to re-stuff the scarecrow or keep looking for a way to keep the crows from picking our harvest.  Jesus Christ offers faith, hope and love.  All of which can only be harvested if we accept His free give of life and allow Him to plant the seed in our life which grows eternal.

Until then