Jesus is the Reason…

Photo by Bobbie Poynter
Photo by Bobbie Poynter

There was no singing late Friday morning, no loud talking or no boisterous waving to the crowds. In fact, even Mother Nature herself, who had been pelting the region with torrential rains throughout the day, became still Friday as more than a dozen people representing several churches in the area walked down Knox Street in honor of Good Friday.

The simple parade has only one reason, to remind everyone that “Jesus is the Reason for the Season.” Throughout the many years the parade has taken place, there has always been a person who has carried the “crucifixion cross” in the parade to remind everyone that Jesus was crucified, but rose again on the third day.

The parade always starts at the Union Plaza Shopping Center and ends at the church hosting the final Holy Week Services. This year, Friday’s services were held at First Christian Church.

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