Judge Hall declares April 6 ‘Arbor Day’ in Knox County

Trees do a lot of work in sustaining our local ecosystem. Kentucky Division of Forestry warden Tony Smith hopes to raise awareness of the overall impact they have in Knox County and encourage citizens to plant trees this Arbor Day, April 6.

To kick events off, Smith met with Judge Executive J.M. Hall on February 22 to sign a proclamation officially declaring April 6 as Arbor Day in Knox County.

The proclamation lists some of the many ways trees help our ecosystem every day, including enhancing air quality and purifying water resources, protecting our soil and serving as a wildlife habitat.

Trees also enhance the quality of life for all Kentuckians, including Knox Countians. Along with serving as a renewable energy resource, the proclamation states trees and healthy forests improve the overall health of citizens by offering a place of recreation and solace.

“I urge all citizens…to participate in the observance of this day by planting at least one tree,” signed Judge Hall. “Our reward and that of future generations will be a more beautiful Kentucky, whose health and well being are sustained by this great natural resource – our forests.”

Smith said he plans on giving away saplings Arbor Day morning in front of the Knox County Courthouse for anyone who is interested in joining his efforts.