KCEOC aids low-income households with energy bills

Lower temperatures give rise to higher utility prices, making it a financial nightmare for low-income house holds. Through two programs KCEOC Community Action Partnership is hoping to ease the burden from some individuals.

Through the Subsidy Program, which began Nov. 4, KECOC will make vendor payments to energy and/or fuel providers on behalf of qualified applicants. Approval will be primarily based on income. The Subsidy Program will end December 11.

Starting January 11, KCEOC will also provide the Crisis Program. This program will be focused more toward emergency situations. To qualify, the applicant must be in a crisis, with either a January disconnection notice, be within four days of running out of bulk or solid fuel (i.e. wood, coal, or kerosine) or have 5% or less of propane. The Crisis Program will run until the end of March or until funds are exhausted.

For both programs, a change in the application process requires a current electric bill in addition to normal documentation of your current fuel source.

“We would rather the application process be as smooth as possible,” explained Shawn Bingham, KCEOC Community Action Partnership Emergency Services Manager. “We want folks to come here, do their application and be able to go home without any hassle.”

The programs have proven to be a source of relief, serving over 4,000 applicants last year, and providing over $700,000 in energy assistance.

“We want people to be as comfortable as possible during the application process,” continued Bingham, “we even provide hot chocolate and coffee.”

Although applications cannot be processed until 8 a.m., the facility opens its doors at 7 a.m. for the Subsidy Program and 6 a.m. for the Crisis Program, to better accommodate the applicants.