KCPS goes B2S

School did not resume until August 10 for the Knox County Public Schools district, but that didn’t stop faculty and staff from getting an early start. On August 9, the day before class began, KCPS employees from all schools in the district loaded up on buses and traveled throughout Knox County, seeing firsthand the routes students take every day to get to and from school, and see the different communities they reside in.

“We have a renewed focus this year of being involved in the community and in the lives of our students and their families,” explained Kelly Sprinkles, superintendent of KCPS. “We want to break down barriers for our students and their families; this means meeting them where they are and preparing them for a successful future.”

Pictured are Knox Central and Lynn Camp faculty and staff on school buses during the exercise, plus Knox County Middle School students on the first day of school.