KCUC employees find deceased man

A deceased man was found on his porch by Knox County Utilities Commission (KCUC) workers on December 13.

“Two employees from Knox County Utility Commission were reading meters on South Hwy 11 when they discovered a deceased man on his porch. 911 was called immediately and the employees stayed with the man until the ambulance arrived,” released KCUC.

The deceased man was identified as Arlie Stewart, 71, a resident on South Kentucky 11 just before Old Poplar Creek Church.

“[His death] was very obviously from natural causes,” said Knox County Sheriff’s Deputy Claude Hudson who responded to the scene. “With the position he was in and the way his hand was on his chest, we’re thinking it was a heart attack.”

Hudson confirmed there is no planned autopsy.

Hudson also stated Stewart was involved in a vehicle accident on March 26, 2017 which revealed a serious, undisclosed medical problem that might be connected to his death.

“He wrecked months ago and went to the hospital then. They did blood work and something came back that they didn’t like. They requested for an officer to get him back to the hospital immediately. He was in poor shape,” said Hudson.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the deceased,” continued KCUC.

Sheriff Mike Smith, Knox County EMS and coroner Mike Blevins assisted at the scene.