Kids share the best Santa letters

Regina Bargo  Tales from the Classroom
Regina Bargo
Tales from the Classroom

Kids are so unpredictably funny! However, they can’t seem to get all that’s in their head on paper.  So, I let them talk and I type exactly what they say.   I don’t have enough space to show you all of my students Letters to Santa.  So, I am going to type the best excerpts from each letter.

Dear Santa,

You are so handsome!  I love that you bring all the kids presents.  I was wondering if you would come to my house.  I live up the hill in a building, but it has wood on it and yellow paint.

Bring my brother little bitty toys cause he’s little bitty! Do you have any children?  Do they have white hair like you? Do you play with the elves or do you make them work all day?   

I would like to ask you how you were born. Were you born in snow or on a Christmas tree, or were you just born normal like we was?

I eat good and I also I haven’t got whoopings since ten years. (She’s five)

I want a stuffed animal dog and a stuffed animal cat because I don’t have one. My cat will go “meow”, “meow” and my dog will go “ruff” “ruff” and drive my mommy nuts!

My papaw doesn’t have a bunch of money. Will you get me a bunch of dinosaurs to fill up under the tree everywhere and around the couch?

I’ve been really bad! Sissy did too.  Mommy said not to get in the bathtub, but we were already in there and we were having so much fun!  I get whippings all the time.  If we be mean we get whippings.  One time we went to the poker machines and we beed really good though!

I will leave you pizza and Diet Pepsi cause you are too fat.  You need to stop eating all the cookies.  They make you hyper!

I will leave you a piece of Birthday Cake.  I just have to buy it from Dairy Queen.  I don’t have any at my house.

I can’t give you cookies, cause I ate them all when I was going into the bathtub.  I will leave you macaroni, peanut butter, apples, and Diet Mountain Dew.

And, I need one more thing. I need a kiss from you! 

I wish you all a Merry and Blessed Christmas!