Kindergartners share New Year’s resolutions

Regina Bargo  Tales from the Classroom
Regina Bargo
Tales from the Classroom

Do Kindergarteners have New Year’s Resolutions? Well sure they do! Since they already are learning to read and do math, those are not high priorities on their list. Here are some of our class top priorities: learn to swim, build a snowman, learn to ice skate, ride a rainbow unicorn, surf, go sledding in snow, not get pinched by a crab, and to learn to ride a cheetah.

I always love when the students return to school after a long break because they are so excited to tell me everything that has been held securely in their minds for just the right moment. Upon returning to school after Christmas break, one of my little girls came up to me out of nowhere and remarked, “Me and my daddy think my mommy gets into people’s business too much!” I chuckled, “You do? Why do you all think that?” She answered, “Cause she really does get into people’s business too much!”

Another student exclaimed, “You know what? My sister cries like a bug!” I said I didn’t know that bugs cry! He shook his head and insisted, “They do! You just can’t hear them when you squish their guts out!”

Of course there is always one student that has to fabricate the biggest tale. He said, “Did you know that a girl fell off of Cumberland Falls duh utter day? I asked, “Really?” He continued, “Yep, she’s in an ambulance now! She’s gonna need it cause she’s a really big girl.”

Night time is a scary time for five-year-olds. A little girl just stopped one my lessons to tell me that she was scared to death last night when mommy turned off the light. Another little girl chimed in with all seriousness and said, “Well that’s why you need to go to the junk yard and get a live unicorn to sleep with!” A little boy continued, “When I was sick and afraid my grandma gave me a live fish in a bowl to sleep with me on a stool beside my bed!”

Finally, we were doing a project where I had asked the children to bring buttons to help decorate the project. I questioned a little girl to see if she had brought any. She shook her head yes and came up to my desk, pulled her shirt up and said, “Here you can cut them off!”