King sentenced to eight years

Staff Report

During Friday’s circuit court docket, Donald King took an Alford Plea and received an eight-year sentence. King had been accused of first degree sexual abuse of a minor. Judge Jensen asked him to plead guilty or not guilty. King’s lawyer stated King is taking the Alford Plea. The Alford Plea is not an admission of guilt. It simply states there is enough evidence to convict. King’s final sentencing will be Jan. 5, 2015.

Also in court:

• Sandy Rice, charged with escape from hospital custody and assault on a correctional officer, pled not guilty. His trial date was set for Jan. 7, 2015.

• Tyrone Person’s pretrial was rescheduled due to his codefendant Sierra’s Shepherd’s lawyer being absent. This pretrial was changed Dec. 5. Shepherd’s pretrial was moved to the same time.

• Jimmy Wayne Leach, charged with 1st degree rape, sodomy and physical abuse, had his case continued due to incomplete discoveries.

• Bradley Boyington, charged with Methamphetamine precursors, took an initial deal to serve seven years.

• Johnathon Taylor’s defense had made several motions that were still outstanding. His court date was carried forward to Dec. 5.